Le Club Grey Goose


A next-generation NFC powered loyalty scheme launched on the slopes of Courchevel 1850.

Grey Goose wanted to create a truly next-generation loyalty scheme, giving Grey Goose’s VIP customers RFID-enabled sterling silver geese which would unlock exclusive experiences across the globe.

The field-test would see Grey Goose brand ambassadors equipped with a mobile app to enable them to offer customers a cocktail consultation on the slopes and select a free bespoke cocktail based on their flavour profiles. The ambassadors were to be provided with silver geese ‘trinkets’ loaded with an RFID tag that would allow them to save the customer’s details to that unique tag number. The customers would then invited to the Grey Goose pop up bar and asked to present their goose to the host. After scanning the goose, they would welcome the customer by name, seat them – and then bring them the bespoke cocktail picked for them during their consultation. Each individual goose would become the customer’s pass into a club that would give them access to exclusive experiences in locations all over the world – with Courchevel just the start.


Technologist & Developer


Grey Goose