Aide is a platform helping patients to better manage their long term health conditions.

A clinician is able to set up a health plan for a patient, which is delivered via an app using conversational UI, notifications and content. They are reminded about medications and prompted to keep track of their key measurements - this provides insights to both patient and clinicians around how well they are managing their condition.


CPO (Founding Team)

As a founding team member, as well as CPO I've worked closely with the rest of the C-suite to deliver the product to clinical trial and towards achieving our next funding round.

I've built the iOS application from the ground up in SwiftUI, including multiple integrations with 3rd party tools such as Twilio, Auth0, Apollo GraphQL and Firebase.

I also implemented the bespoke conversational flows in Google Dialogflow CX - and worked with the CTO on planning how to deliver these to complex scheduling rules.

As CPO, I've led the process of getting product delivery managed effectively and making status, progress and timelines transparent to the rest of the team and I've setup product analytics and business intelligence tooling to help us better understand the product and our users.